A Story with a Different Ending

Jay and Katherine Wolf are on the other side of our story. In 2008 Katherine had a catastrophic brain stem stroke, very similar to John’s, but she survived. She was 26 years old and the young mom of a 6 month old baby boy. Their story is heartbreaking and inspiring. Jay’s commitment to love and Katherine’s willingness to persevere through suffering are simply stunning.

“Through some of the darkest storms this broken world has to offer, we have experienced a God of love and redemption and hope.”

And, here, on the other side of the country, but on the other side of the same story, I am experiencing the same living hope.

Jesus, we love you for giving us hope that is so big and so powerful and so real that we can’t take it all in. It just keeps unfolding…we live expectantly each day to see how your love will sustain us and lead us on.

In His Healing Hope,

Jay & Katherine’s siteHope Heals Click this link & it will take you directly to their story. Don’t miss the video, you have to scroll down a little bit.  Guaranteed to inspire…

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