About Us

boy of 16 meets girl of 15 on a school bus. uses the ploy of thumb wars to hold hands.

shoulder to shoulder. arm to arm. hand in hand. a commencement.

little did they know they were on an adventure. something bigger than them had begun. yes, they were young. But, as His story tells, He doesn’t discriminate for age.  He knew time was of the essence for their story.

the clock began to tick. 10,345 of the marrow of their days.

their four contributions to eternity springing forth in a distant May, June, March, and August.  three girls and a boy would join a home of love and laughter and faith in the God who was writing their story.

BUT on March 8, 2012 the clock stopped. that boy, now turned man, went on a run and kept right on running. he ran straight into eternity to His Savior’s open arms.

and girl, now turned woman, and 4 not-so-little-ones were shocked and alone.  So. Stunned. So. Heartbroken.

YET, the God they had known did what He always said he would do. death couldn’t keep Him away. after all, He conquered it!  He comforted. carried. held. shielded. delivered. And sent His other children to help, listen and love in His name.  He reassured their hearts that He knew the way forward.

and to this day they are led by their tender, love-lavishing God as He writes an unexpected story.

it is worth sharing because He is the best storywriter.

this is us.

2 thoughts on “About Us

    • Maria to Maria! : ) Yes- with our eyes on the joy set before us, things look brighter! May you continue to enjoy the peace of knowing He is holding you by the hand- M


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