My Blog Map

Blogs can be confusing, especially if they tell a story.  It can be hard to put all the pieces of the story together. So, here is an overview of my blog so it will be easier for you to find the entries you are interested in…a map of sorts.  Just click the blog’s title to go to that particular blog. If you read them in order, our story will unfold.

September 2014- blog began

A Journey of 2 1/2 Years– My first blog entry. It introduces the blog and explains why I am telling our story.

Our Story: A Preface– Something I want readers to know before hearing our story.

October 2014

The Day Life Changed– What happened on March 8, 2012 when John died on an afternoon run.

Grace & Grief Meet– The explanation of what actually happened to John & how the Lord gave us grace in the midst of it.

Living the Vows– The days and weeks following John’s death.

A Story With A Different Ending– The inspiring story of a couple who are living a similar story to ours, except the wife’s aneurysm wasn’t fatal. Links to their website and video of their story are tender and filled with hope.

Speaking Honestly About Grief- God’s amazing comfort to me as I adjusted to life with grief.

November 2014

Essentials– My perspective on how a relationship with God begins and grows. (This is also a separate page on my blog.)

Teen Love Can Last– In honor of the 31st anniversary of when John & I met at the young ages of 15 & 16.

A Loss So Big in a Heart So Young– A tribute to children who have lost parents or siblings & a message to the people who love them.

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