Anchored. No matter what comes.

Hi there, friends, near and far. My last post was almost a year ago- When Time Just Won’t Heal the Hurt . If you haven’t read it, it will be helpful to check it out. It explains where I have been for a year.

It’s July now. I am almost at the end of a sabbatical year dedicated to processing the past decade as a sudden widow and single mom to our four grieving children. There has been hard, holy work in my inner world and some surprise work in my outer world (a major house restoration after a water leak)!

It has also been the year where we faced the 10 year mark of losing John. A hefty, hard reality and sad milestone. It was the decade I never wanted to experience, but I had to and so did our children. And somehow, God has held us together as we were falling apart. His steady love has been constant, even in our many dark days.

In September, I will begin sharing what I have learned this year. I hope it will be encouraging to you because life keeps. hitting. hard. We’re all trying to figure out how to stay anchored in the daily storms in our homes, communities, countries, and world.

Through it all, my anchor is God’s love for me. In Hebrews, we’re reassured that God has given us hope, and it is,

“an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

In the midst of a storm, we need an anchor or we’ll end up lost and floundering with our lives off-course. God’s love holds us steady in the midst of storms. Knowing Him and trusting Him means we are anchored. He is holding us as the storms threaten to confuse, overwhelm, and discourage.

Have you ever been in a boat and checked the anchor? Given it a tug to make sure it’s still secure? It is reassuring. We can do the same thing with God. We can check to make sure He is still there.

It is simple. Ask Him to show you He is with you. Ask Him to open your eyes to how He is here with you today- that He has got you. Sometimes what we need most is reassurance. He has a million different ways to show us His love and presence.

“Heavenly Father, thank you that you want to be our steady and secure anchor. Reassure me that you are here now. Help me to see the ways you are with me in the midst of calm or stormy days.”

Praying for you to know He is anchoring you & won’t ever let you go,


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2 thoughts on “Anchored. No matter what comes.

    • Hi Beth💖 thank you! It has been an amazing year!💖 Excited to share about it this fall. Maybe we can get together sometime in early fall. Hope you have a great summer- Maria


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